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Review of Buried Secrets  by Krissy Baccaro

I’m extremely excited to share my review of Buried Secrets by Krissy Baccaro, courtesy of Love Books Group Tours

What an atmospheric, emotional, Rollercoaster ride this took me on! I’m going to have to bite my tongue,  so I don’t include spoilers!

After her Grandfather “Poppy” passes on, our main protagonist Ella, sets out to unravel a family mystery, when she finds “the box” that he asks her to find as it was his dying wish.

It’s not often I find a book in this genre that touches me so deeply. This literally had my eyes welling right from the start. Buried Secrets is a page turner that takes a hold on you from the start and you won’t be able to put it down.

Krissy sets the scene beautifully and you can imagine yourself right alongside the cast of characters, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of Italy that she so wonderfully depicts. I even caught myself googling the places that were visited and now want to go myself to follow in Ella’s footsteps.

The characters are so well developed, multi faceted and believable! Characters you can imagine amongst your own family and circle of friends.

Moving on to the plot, where do I start? It was full of twists, turns and surprises! Just when you thought you had solved the mystery………. nope you’re wrong! Krissy goes and throws in another treat of a twist to throw you off guard.

This seriously isn’t a book to pass up and by the end, you will be left with so many unanswered questions that you’ll be pleased to hear that this is the 1st of a series and let me tell you, I for one can’t wait for the 2nd Ella Perri instalment. So all you mystery, crime and thriller fans, why are you still reading my ramblings? Go buy the book already, so I can talk about it with you.

Krissy……You nailed it!

About the Book 

Families have secrets. Some secrets are locked, sealed and taken to the grave. Others beg to be told. They ooze through cracks a little at a time. You tease them out until an ugly truth is fully exposed.

Ella Perri knows there’s something hidden in the family cottage. In his last breath, Ella’s grandfather reveals to her a startling secret that hints at something sinister. On behalf of her beloved grandfather, she embarks on a dangerous quest for truth. A World War II diary and the 21st century collide as Ella desperately chases every clue in a faraway and unfamiliar setting where the real story begins. Who can be trusted and who has something to hide? One secret leads to another. Ella must decide: share the secrets and alter the fates of her loved ones forever or become part of the lie that’s been buried deep for decades.

Buried Secrets is a suspenseful mystery with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the shocking ending


Author Bio

Krissy Baccaro is an author of mystery and suspense.

She recently published her short story, LUCA, on Amazon. Krissy collaborated with authors from several countries to bring forth fantastic tales. Together they published Once Upon a Story: A Short Fiction Anthology. This book includes two of her short story mysteries, “Luca” and “Monster.” “Monster” will soon be available for separate purchase on Amazon.

The author is a proud member of several online writing groups, and most active in Active Alumni Writers. The Alumni helps authors critique and support one another’s writing projects to polish stories into bestsellers. For 25 years, Krissy taught Kindergarten through fifth grade.

Currently, she teaches writing and reading to 5th-grade students and works on her mysterious sequel to Buried Secrets. The author resides in upstate New York not far from Skaneateles, where the puzzle of Buried Secrets begins


Links and Information

Publication date: 29th April 2020

Kindle Page Length: 257 pages

Physical  Page Length: 378 pages

Publisher: Krissy Baccaro

ISBN-13: 978-1734621716

ASIN: B085X274P3

Genre: Thriller|Crime|Mystery


This is available to purchase now on  Amazon 

Kindle Edition

Paperback Edition

Hardcover Edition 

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Thank you for taking the time to read my Review of Buried Secrets by Krissy Baccaro

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