Saying Goodbye to 2020 and Hello to 2021

Itโ€™s been a while since I have been seen online. Time kinda stood still for me as I lost myself……for a while. With that I say Goodbye 2020.

Goodbye 2020, there is not much I can say about you that hasn’t already been said. It was one helluva year! I am certain that we have all taken from it in different ways though. Some of us stepped up and did some amazing things. Others sat on the sidelines and watched the world go crazy and there are those who shrank inside themselves and just plain disappeared.

2021 Clipboard meaning Goodbye 2020 Goodbye 2020 – Hello 2021

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I am not ashamed to admit it, I was one of those who shrank back. Everything just got to be too much. I am fortunate that I continued to work, but the days blurred into one, not knowing whether I was coming or going and boy was, I exhausted, and in all honesty, I still am!

Even my favourite place to be online ….. “Bookstagram” could not pull me out of the slump I found myself in. The crazy found its way to there too and put me off for a while.

There is one thing I can say about 2020, it sure did bring out the nasty in some people. But that’s okay! People have different coping mechanisms and as we all are well aware……… 2020 pushed us all to our limits.

I knew my limit had been pushed when I could not even pick up a book to read. It took me 3 months to get through one single book, which is unprecedented. I didn’t reach my Goodreads Goal, I have a pile of books from authors waiting to be read and reviewed and my own personal TBR well, no dent has been made and it will always remain the size of Mount Etna so that isn’t going to be a problem now is it.

Christmas and New Year is always a time for reflection and a lot of that has been going in my little ‘ol brainbox.

Looking back on the year I realised just how lucky I am even though it has been so tough. I am lucky I have my family all in good health and still have a job.

I have two wonderful children who, although they drive me mad at times, are both amazing, and I am so proud of them.

I have my partner who is my best friend and soul mate, who has the ability to drive me mad and then turn me on my head and make me laugh so hard that I cry. He is my rock and my voice of reason when I can’t see my way clear and I couldn’t imagine even a day without him.

In my opinion, we all need to look back in reflection and look at the positives rather than look back and dwell on the bas. Not to dwell on the fact that we have been isolated from others, missed holidays, not been able to have that drink in the pub with friends.

It is not the end of the world, it’s a small sacrifice to keep our loved one’s safe. If I have done nothing else of note in 2020, I can say that I have done that, and I am proud of myself for being able to do that one small thing, no matter how hard it has been.

“2020 has definitely taught us the importance of friends and family and how we so easily can take them for granted!”


I do however spare a thought for those that have not been so fortunate, those that have lost their jobs or a loved one’s life taken so prematurely due to this nasty virus we are going into 2021 still battling. My heart goes out to them all.

Goodbye 2020

 Goodbye 2020 - 2021 bring us some magic please We all need a little magic 

Looking to the future, let’s hope that 2021 brings us a little magic.

Let’s be honest, we could all use a sprinkle of some of that fairy dust! Here’s wishing that this time next year the virus is nothing but a distant memory, and we have all gone back to some form of normality. Whatever shape the new norm takes.

I am starting the New Year as I mean to go on. I am catching up with friends who I have neglected, both new and old. I am spending less time worrying about work and spending more time with my family. I am getting back to reading and I have refreshed this little old blog and plan to make a go of it. I want to make it something special, an extension of my personality, something to grow with me and something that others can appreciate.

It may even take off and grow beyond my expectations, who knows what the future has in store. For now, though, I am truly pleased I have it looking the way I want it too finally and I can share my thoughts, feelings and of course my reviews with anyone willing to read them.

I have also added a shop section which currently holds branded merchandise, keep checking back as more items will be added and they won’t all be branded. I have some exciting plans afoot!

“Above all else I will be counting my blessings, because when you do you realise you really are doing ok!”

On that note, I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year, let this be an awesome one for us all!

Happy New Year

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