Review of Impervious by A. J. Hartley


Review of Impervious by A.J. Hartley

It’s my stop on the Love Books Group Blog Tour of Impervious by A.J. Hartley. 

I finished this over a week ago and am still struggling with how to put my thoughts into words. I’m frantically typing away as I am at the final hour. My deadline for writing the review has passed and its the day of my tour stop. 


Cover Art of Imperious
The cover of Impervious is ominous


I can assure you this is not because I did not enjoy the book but because in the simplest of terms, it moved me.

When I agreed to take part in the tour, I honestly thought that I would be immersing myself in a new Fantasy fiction. That one genre I hold close to my heart, where I can truly lose myself in the pages and is my escapism from everyday life. Where the hero’s and heroines win through and live happily every after.

Don’t get me wrong, on the face of it, Impervious is a Fantasy story. You find yourself wrapped up in a Quest with cleverly thought out nods to legends we oh so love. King Arthur, Excalibur and The Lady of the Lake, are those that struck me the most. With bone chilling monsters thrown into the mix.

As I got further into it, I realised there is something underlying, running parallel that you need to scratch, no dig under the surface to find. 

It’s that scab that you just have to pick at (no intentions to gross anyone out there, but its the best analogy I can think of at the moment)

It’s not until close to the end that I had that Eureka moment.  It was at that moment my heart was wrenched from my chest and the full force of the story hit me like a ton of bricks. 

I have no doubt that some of you will have your “Ah Ha” moment a lot earlier than me. I was so wrapped up in the quest that I literally could not see the woods for the trees. But that’s OKAY! I am glad I didn’t figure it out, it kinda would have spoilt it for me.

Trina our protagonist, who pretty much has the full focus throughout, with reason, is just so god damn likeable. Lets give it up for Girl Power!

Girl Power Gif
I’m Impervious to your power

She takes everything in her stride, or so you are led to believe. Im having to be so careful I don’t give anything away here!

With that said, I am going to just leave you with this……….

This is a well written book, with a truly intricate plot within a plot. Delving into the Psyche and coping mechanisms of a teenage girl. A story with a deep message! 

Don’t just take my word for it, go buy the book already and see for yourself.

A J Hartley, that ending broke me and will stay with me for a long time.



About the Book 

Trina Warren didn’t plan on being anyone’s hero.

She planned on going to fourth period as normal. But then there was a bang, and an overturned chair and everything was different.

Now Trina finds herself in a fantasy world, pursued by a faceless, nameless monster that only she can stop.

Just one second is all it takes for Trina to turn from a regular clumsy high school girl, to a monster-fighting warrior. Just one second is all it takes for everything to change …


Author Bio

Though I live in the USA now (where all my books were first published), I was born and grew up in Lancashire. After attending Manchester University I left the UK to work in Japan, and eventually wound up in graduate school in Boston. I now live in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I teach Shakespeare at university there.

I’ve written long fiction all my life, and started publishing novels (mainly with Penguin) in 2005. I write for kids and adults, and (as you’ll see if you poke around) in various genres. Can’t seem to limit myself to one kind of story 🙂

I’m married with a son, and various animals, one of which–the dog–promises to be the size of a horse soon. I make beer and, occasionally furniture. I used to paint (not especially well) and play guitar and piano (likewise) but I struggle to find the time these days.

I hope you like my stuff. Drop me a line through my main website, or through facebook or twitter. I’m easy to find.


Links and Information

Publication date: 2nd July 2020

Page Length: 208 pages

Publisher: UCLan Publishing

ISBN-13: 979-191297939X

Genre: Fantasy | YA Fantasy

This is available to purchase now on Amazon
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