Review of Zodiac by Anamaria Ionescu

Review of Zodiac by Anamarie Ionescu

Zodiac by Anamarie Ionescu  is the 2nd book of the Sergiu Manta Series and the first to be translated into English.

I was captivated by Zodiac right from the first page. Anamarie wrote this extremely well. It was done in a way that you felt you were reading a script for a crime drama, scene by scene. This is slightly different to what I’m used to, but I found as long as I paced myself and didnt speed through it I could keep up with the scene jumps. The further I got in I found that I completely enjoyed her writing style. Although this is a fast paced thriller, do not be fooled that being only 218 pages long you can speed through this quickly.


This is a book to savour and enjoy.

I can honestly say that I fell in love with the main protagonaist Sergiu. He was an unpredicatable, motorbike riding, charming “Agency” man willing to do whatever it takes no matter what the cost.


“I usually kill. Now I hunt Killers. It’s an interesting change.”


Sergiu’s character was in stark contrast to Marius who was a typical police inspector and family man with a moral conscience. This worked well alongside Sergiu’s character and didnt give you that typical good cop, bad cop feel. They complimented each other well.

The plot was fantastic and just when I thought I had it all figured out the twist came along and surprised me completely!
I cant wait to read more of the series and hope that the first book gets translated so I can read this too!

If you are a fan of fast paced thrillers I highly recommend this!

Trigger Warnings: swearing, sexual themes, rape, murder, guns, violence

I received Zodiac by Amamaria Ionescu for free in exchange for an honest review as part of a blog tour for Love Books Tours.

Bucharest City Scape
Bucharest City Scape



About the Book

When investigator Sergiu Manta is handed the investigation into a series of bizarre murders, he can’t be sure what he’s getting involved in as he has to work with regular detective Marius Stanescu. Marius in turn has his own suspicions about the biker he has been told to work with and wants to get to the truth. The twists and turns of their investigation takes them from the city of Bucharest to the mountains of rural Romania, and back.


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Author Bio

Anamaria Ionescu was born in 1976 in Bucharest. Her first two volumes of short stories, The Obscure Room and The One You Wouldn’t Let Die were first published in 2009 and 2013.

The first of the Sergiu Manta novels, Code Name: Arkon, appeared in 2014. This was then followed by Zodiac in 2016. The third in the series, The Law of the Tallion, was published in 2019. Anamaria’s novel The Christmas that Never Came, set during the 1989 revolution in Romania, was published in 2017.

Today Anamaria lives near Barcelona. She teaches English, as well as working on a collaborative crime novel Al Punto with co-author Radu Costescu, which has Spain and Romania as it’s backdrop.

Zodiac is Anamaria’s first work to be translated into English.


Jason Momoa on Motorbike
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Corylus Books

Corylus Book is a new venture aiming to publish fiction translated into English. The people behind the company have very different backgrounds, but what brings them together is a deep appreciation of crime fiction and a strong interest in books from countries that have been under-represented in English.

It took a while before it turned out that everyone’s thoughts had been on similar lines – that they wanted to take a chance on presenting some of the great European crime fiction that wouldn’t normally make its way into English. With a mixture of language, translation and other skills between the four of them, it seemed the logical next step to take.

The first Corylus books are a pair of Romanian crime novellas, Living Candles by Teodora Matei and Zodiac by Anamaria Ionescu.

There’s more to come in 2020. Starting with Romanian novelist’s Bogdan Teodorescu’s Sword, a powerful political thriller that has already been a bestseller in Romania and in its French translation. Sword will be available in May and will be followed later in the year by the first of two books by Icelandic crime writer Sólveig Pálsdóttir. The Fox will be available in the second half of this year, followed by Shackles in 2021.

And there’s even more to come! A novel by Bogdan Hrib set partly in Romania and partly in the north-east of England. A second novel from Teodora Matei, and they’re talking to more exciting writers from across Europe about what we can do together…


Links and Information

Paperback Publication date: 15th April 2020
ISBN: 978-1-9163797-0-1
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